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The Slow Water Gamechanger has arrived! There is a gamechanger for every situation and the name says it all! Instead of the traditional changer being fished on a fairly fast retreive, this version excels on the pause and slow retreives. The foam spines tied into each section allow for the fly to hover in shallow water, staying in the strike zone longer. It can be fished directly on the surface with floating line, or fished on a full sink and fished deep over the top of structure.  They are completely synthetic using various NMF brushes, shed water quickly and still hold the desired profile in the water. ESPECIALLY WHEN STRIPPED! Tied on Ahrex Hooks, NMF Stainless Steel Shanks as well as Flymen fish spines. Finished off with a Paolo Pacchiarini Double tail. Long pauses in between strips make for some devastating strikes you get to see!


PriceFrom $25.00
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